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Kneipp therapy and pool

This space is the ideal frame to combine moments of relax with moments of body care.
The most peculiar elements are the swimming pool with hydromassage and holes emitting air for countercurrent swimming, but, most of all, our 'Kneipp Therapy', a walk in two parallel bathtubs about 90 cm deep and respectively filled up with hot water at 32° and cold water at 20°. It is a path that exploits the action of the physiologic feet massage given by the cobbled floor and the natural massage given by the movement of the water, the invigorating action of the sudden change in temperature on the walls of the capillaries, the draining properties of the hydromassage through special jets and of the hydrostatic pression of the water.

The combination of the vascular path and the manual lymphatic drainage make the effect of the Kneipp therapy particularly heplful, accentuating the sensation of lightness in your legs.
Inside the area there is also a pool heated at 34°, provided with four hydromassage spots, one spot for countercurrent swimming and and one "geyser" for countercurrent swimming. It is possible to bathe in the pool with the only purpose of relax, but the immersion is recommended also for those who suffer of contractures of the muscular-skeleton apparatus, who can also enjoy the benefits of the muscle relaxant effect of the hydromassage in hot water.

Percorso Kneipp

Particularly recommended in the case of:
- legs heaviness
- cellulitis
- inferior arts oedemas
- venal-lymphatic cronic insufficiency of the inferior arts

   Gymnastic in water and swimming pool

Water gymnastic: ideal for those who suffer from a reduced mobility, and the gym furnished for fitness and "dry" motor rehabilitation in individual sessions or in small groups of 4-6 people. Ideal activities for a post-traumatic rehabilitation or to overcome problems of rigidity.