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The beauty that comes from the famous thermal waters of Levico and Vetriolo is now found in our natural cosmetics, dedicated to the aesthetic of the person. It offers a line of dermatological products with vegetable oils, balsamic essences, total extracts, and phytoderivates combined together.

Water friendly line

Thermal mud mask with mountain hay
- € 20,50

The union of the thermal mud with the uniqueness of Levico’s thermal waters and the properties of mountain hay create a targeted action of purification and regeneration of the skin. The thermal mud mask acts as a delicate peeling releasing impurities from the skin of the face, this way the skin regains purity and brightness.

Thermal Levico’s water in spray - € 11,50

This spray contains vegetable proteins and Levico’s water for a pleasant feeling of freshness, moisturizing and soothing action. It is also indicated for sensitive and subject to redness skins.

Intimate cleansing foam
- € 13,00

Soft foam for cleaning private parts based on trace elements of the thermal and plant extracts. The absence of traditional preservatives, dyes and les makes the product highly tolerable and soothing, indicated in the presence of redness and itching.

Thermal soap of Levico
- € 4,00

Our thermal soap is a compound of Levico’s thermal water, oils and vegetable glycerine, merging in a delicate mix to smooth and revitalize skin, patting it with a fresh, pleasant scent. Moreover, its neutral pH formula cleanses the skin without attacking.

Body products

Shower balsamic with the essences of mountain and thermal water
- € 16,00

This Shower Gel gently cleanses the skin of the body, refreshing and removing the signs of fatigue. The essences of lavender, peppermint and pine extracts of arnica and calendula facilitate the refreshment of the skin with great benefit to our general psychophysical state.

Moisturizing and firming body balm with thermal water
- € 18,00

After the bath it is time to care for and nourish the skin of the body with natural oils and special essences to make it more elastic, compact and hydrated. This moisturizing cream contains avocado oil, borage oil, rice, wheat germ, and thermal waters that with their load of trace elements stimulate the skin trophism.

Face products

Thermal sensitive gel for the face with thermal water - € 15,00

Plant protein from wheat germ, aloe juice and thermal waters contained in this product allow effective cleansing of facial skin by removing impurities. The skin will be soft and bright.

Protective and moisturizing day cream with thermal water - € 23,00

This emulsion contains natural oils and herbal essences. Vitamin E, the oils of wheat germ and sweet almond, form an ultra-thin and emollient film that keeps skin elasticity and protects it from wind and dehydration.

Nourishing cream for wrinkles with thermal water
- € 25,00

The spring waters of Levico are a small mine of regenerative processes, associated with natural plant oils, they provide a substantial improvement in skin elasticity and an apparent levelling of wrinkles.

Intensive anti-aging serum with thermal water - € 24,00

Serum is invaluable and extremely rich in active ingredients. Complex sugars moisturize deeply by holding water molecules and preventing dry skin while soy products increase the tone of the skin tissue of the face, making it look fresh and naturally light.