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Management and reception

Resort Management organizes the operative team that in season come to exceed 80 staff members in our three spa centres. In particular, you will find our modernly equipped receptionists at your disposal. They will engage you directly in the treatments, thanks to the ultra-modern management software that presides over every detail of the treatments.
Nothing is left to chance; everything is planned by our medical staff.

Mediacal staff

In each spa centre there is at least one thermal doctor to precede to obligatory admission requests. The medical staff is coordinated by the medical director. Health Management approves the standards and the timing of treatments, arrangements for admission, etc.

Medical specialist

In the modernly equipped clinics several medical specialists operate and are at your service. These are doctors that specialize in areas that are relevant to spa treatments.
Currently operating with us:
  • n. 2 otolaryngology specialists
  • n. 1 specialist in gynecology and obstetrics
  • n. 1 specialist in allergy and clinical immunology
  • n. 1 specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation
  • n. 1 psychologist and psychotherapist
Every week interesting medical conferences are held by our specialists and other guests at Palazzo delle Terme. They talk about the therapeutic news regarding their areas of expertise.