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On the thermal baths of Levico

When do the Terme di Levico open?
Is it possible to move from another region for thermal treatments?
I would like to make appointments in the afternoon, is it possible?
How can I access the thermal treatments in agreement with the National Health System?
I have a referral issued in 2020, is it still valid?
How many cycles of thermal treatments in agreement with the National Health System is it possible to do in a year?
How much does the ticket cost?
Is the medical examination included in the ticket?
How long does a set of treatment last?
How long does a session last?
Is it possible to have massages?
I usually come for inhalation treatments: will there be any changes this year?
Are there fewer places available for treatment?
What do I need for the bath and mud?
Is it possible to change the time of treatment in case of problems?
Is it possible to go to the thermal baths in person to book?
I am accompanied by a person: can she/he access the thermal baths?
I accompany a disabled person: how should we behave?

Covid -19: safe thermal baths

We drafted a set of guidelines to guarantee the safety of the thermal baths.

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