Scientific research


Not only unique: precious.

The thermal water of Levico was discovered in a fortunate way during mining excavations during the Middle Ages. We do not know the underground route it takes to load up with the elements that make it unique. We have studied its properties and know the benefits it has for people's health. We know another aspect that makes it, as well as unique, precious: the availability of water is limited and linked to the precipitations (rain and snow) that fall in the Lagorai area from where its path begins, buried among the minerals that make it a ferruginous arsenical sulphate water unique in Italy.


Scientific research

The Terme di Levico and Vetriolo have always been committed to validating the therapeutic role of their waters,
 making use of a high-level Scientific Committee and effectiveness and tolerability studies carried out in collaboration with high-level Italian universities. This is in the belief that only the constant commitment to research can guarantee thermal therapy the status of a modern and scientifically proven medical practice to which doctors and patients can turn to in the complementary treatment of some chronic diseases.






The research activity cannot be considered completed and its future objectives will be represented by the identification of new pathologies that can benefit from the thermal treatment with Acqua Forte of Vetriolo and from the study of new methods of application of the thermal means. Research aimed at identifying new pathologies susceptible to treatment may range from rheumatology (fibromyalgia syndrome), to endocrinology (hyperthyroidism), to gynaecology (nonspecific and atrophic vaginitis), to rehabilitation medicine, deepening the role of hydro kinesitherapy with Weak Water in motor and neurological rehabilitation.




The results of some of the scientific studies have been published on important
international medical journals thus validating the validity of their effects.tessi.



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