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Choose your wellbeing with us

From this year you can decide to book a 2-hour session with our Wellbeing operator as an alternative to purchasing a specific treatment ("Scegli con noi il tuo benessere" proposal").

She will provide you with personalized advice that takes into account your specific needs, the characteristics of your body and skin type, and the aesthetic problems you wish to solve. Together with her you will then be able to choose the most effective treatments for your well-being and do them on the spot.

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Because your well-being is yours alone, it is something personal.
Each of us is different and there is no one solution or treatment that is always suitable for everyone. For a treatment to be truly effective and for you to fully enjoy its benefits, having a lasting feeling of well-being, it must be "tailor-made" for you.
Choose your wellbeing with us and book it in advance to secure your preferred times. 


120 min / € 150

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