Stress Relieving


The anti-stress power of breathing 

Remove stress through one of the most powerful, albeit underestimated, tools: BREATH.
Reconnect with your own strengths, with your own "I", fighting the overfatigue that puts our psychophysical balance and our health at risk.
The Stress relieving 3 ore 6 days package is a well-being break that distances us from what generates stress, discomfort or a sense of oppression and supports us in regaining balance, through breathing as a tool to regain strength and work on the mind as a practice of regeneration.
It combines the properties of a water unique in Italy for the health of the respiratory tract, dry floating sessions in which the body loses its gravitational weight leaving the mind free to recover energy, and pranayama and meditation sessions in nature to dominate and calm the mind and control the energies that flow through the breath.


Bookable from 22.4.2024