Delightful rest


To improve the quality of your rest

Relieve stress and recover psychophysical energies in order to get a restful sleep. The Delightful rest proposal of the Terme di Levico combines the relaxing properties of the baths in a unique thermal water in Italy with activities with a high re-harmonizing potential such as meditation and pranayama in the nature and Zero Body dry floating. This experience is based on a guided dry buoyancy in which the body loses its gravitational weight leaving the mind free to recover energy.
 The Delightful Rest is dedicated to all people who are aware that taking time is the key to stay healthy for a long time.

Bookable from 22.4.2024



The 3-day set of treatments includes:

  • medical interview
  • 3 thermal baths
  • 2 MEDITATION AND PRANAYAMA session in THE nature
  • 1 session of Nuvola float experience with guided meditation path (25')



€ 340