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On the thermal baths of Levico

When do the Terme di Levico open?
The Terme di Levico are open from 22nd April to 23rd November 2024.
Is it possible to travel from a region to another region to have thermal water treatments?
Yes. Thermal treatments are included in the Essential Levels of Assistance and it is therefore possible to move between regions and municipalities to use them.
I would like to make appointments in the afternoon, is it possible?
It is possible to fix appointments in the afternoon only for wellness treatments, medical visits and physioterapy.
How can I access spa treatments in agreement with the Italian National Health System?
In the case that you have the Italian citizenship, it is necessary that your family doctor prescribes a cycle of thermal treatments, issuing the medical referral. If you don't have the Italian citizenship, you can not access the thermal water treatments through the Italian National Health Service and you have to pay for them. To find out what are the problems associated with the various treatment cycles, we recommend that you visit the NHS CONVENTION page.
I have a medical prescription issued in 2023, is it still valid?
To be valid, the referral must have been issued in 2024.

How long does a set of treatment last?
A cycle of treatments in agreement with the National Health System lasts 12 days.
How long does a session last?
A mud-balneotherapy about 50 minutes, the bath only or of the mud only about 25 minutes, the irrigations about 30 minutes, the inhalations treatments about 1o minutes each ones.
Is it possible to have massages?
Yes, from now on it will be possible to do thermal massages, massage therapy and physiotherapy.
I usually come for inhalation treatments: will there be any changes this year?
The inhalation treatments that will be possible in the 2024 season are the following: aerosols, sonic aerosols, ionic aerosols, nasal showers and lung ventilations and inhalations.
How many cycles of spa treatments in agreement with the Italian National Health System is it possible to do in a year?
What do I need for the bath and mud?
You need to bring slippers for you baths or mud treatments. If you have booked thermal massages after the mud-balneotherapy, we ask you to bring a bathrobe.
Is it possible to change the time of treatment in case of problems?
The changes of day and time must also be agreed by email or by telephone and not by showing up directly at the front office. All changes are bound to availability.

I accompany a disabled person: how should we behave?
If possible, we kindly ask you to let us know before your arrival. The accompanying person will be responsible for the behaviour of the person accompanied to the establishment and will be required to sign a form with duties and information.
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