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A unique water, to stay healthy for longer

For over 160 years Terme di Levico have been a source of health and well-being. The properties of a water unique in Italy are the basis of the treatments that you can find at Terme di Levico - baths, mud baths, inhalation treatments, vaginal irrigations - and which can help you naturally strengthen your immune system and prevent problems respiratory tract, skin and joints.
The properties of a water unique in Italy are now also at the centre of paths that our medical staff has devised by combining the properties of Acqua Forte di Levico, mind-body practices, and activities in the nature of Levico and Valsugana.



Individual programmes developed and certified by a medical team around some specific needs to help you feel good: stress management, breathing and well-being, movement and health.
 We consider, in fact, "feeling good" a personal, dynamic and multidimensional condition, the result of active search for experiences, situations and lifestyles that nourish a state of general well-being.
 For this reason, at Terme di Levico we want to help people feel better not only by dealing with prevention, treatment and rehabilitation, but by supporting these elements in the search for global improvement of one's well-being, leveraging on a water unique in Italy - the sulphate-arsenical-ferruginous water of Levico -, in contact with nature and on innovative experiences of regeneration and self-care, such as the experience of dry floating Nuvola Experience and treatments on the Savonage Vap thermal bed.

Lago di Levico - Foto di Alberto Libardoni

Choosing Terme di Levico also means taking advantage of a precious union between the benefits of treatments and paths based on a unique water in Italy and the environment of Valsugana, the first destination in the world to be certified for sustainable tourism by the 'GSTC organization.


Levico Thermal Baths. Your natural well-being in a sustainable destination.




Practical info

Schedules, treatments and useful things to know. Below we answer a series of questions regarding the Terme di Levico.

Opening hours and periods

Till 18th November 2023 Terme di Levico are open from Monday to Saturday, from 7am to 2pm and from 3:30pm till 18.00.

For information and bookings call +39 0461 706077 or email us

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